Monday, February 27, 2006


Buttars' Origins of Life Bill Defeated

The Utah House of Representatives voted down the Origins of Life Bill today, 46-28 (1 abstaining). The Salt Lake Tribune just ran an update detailing the bill's defeat. Chris Buttars' response was:
"There are a number of influential legislators who believe you evolved from an ape. I didn't."

According to the article, the bill was first gutted to remove any reference to "origins of species" and then voted down, preventing the Senate from reviving the bill. House Speaker Stephen Urquhart (R-St. George) has been vocal in his opposition to the bill:
Urquhart opposed Buttars' bill because he doesn't feel that science conflicts with religion and said it was misleading to single out one theory as unproven.

Once in a while, our elected officials actually get something right.

I felt good about living in Utah that day.
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