Tuesday, January 03, 2006


More on the religious beliefs of Dover Plantiffs

I just read this post at the Questionable Authority. It includes a really nice section about the religious beliefs of some of the plantiffs and anti-ID school board members involved in the Dover trial, and how they were harassed. For example:

"Now people stare. They know you're a Plaintiff or they know in this particular case that I'm a candidate opposing the school board, and you can't sit there and not worry about who's looking at you or what's going to happen, you know. You'll go out and regularly be called inappropriate things centering around the concept of atheist.

They don't know me. They don't know that I'm the co-director of the children's choir at church or that I run the music halfway at the second service, or that, you know, my wife and I run Vacation Bible School. Yet they have no problem going around calling me an atheist because my particular religious viewpoint doesn't agree with that of the school board, which is a public entity not a religious one."

The whole article's definitely worth reading.

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